Hey! I am so thrilled you’ve landed here! 

Hey there! I am so thrilled you’ve landed here. 

I’m Jessica Marie, a photographer based in WNC and double jinx, I’m a Blue Ridge Mountains local. Mama to a stellar little boy and ginormous hound. Lover of plants, books & most importantly, bourbon. 


As an enneagram four, I am locked and loaded for all the emotions. It also means I am incredibly sensitive to you during your session, ready to be emotionally honest, and of course, wildly creative. I’m here for all the feels. 


I discovered my love for photography a few years ago when I began to work through some past traumas and survived some intense postpartum depression. Coming through that season taught me how profoundly beautiful real life is—not just the moments that feel worthy of celebration. The more I have healed and grown, the more I want to be someone who reflects the fullness of life for others—the ups and downs and everywhere in-betweens.


I was born for adventure and find a little bit of it in everyday life. I can’t wait to enter into yours.


Thank you for being here!

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